Charter of Rights & Responsibilities

The lifeAssist Charter of Rights and Responsibilities was developed jointly by the Client Committee and senior management.  It is adopted by the Board of Governance.


1. My dignity, values, cultural and religious beliefs are respected regardless of age, gender or sexuality.

2. I tell my story only once and I have a copy of all relevant documentation related to my supports. Communication is tailored to my abilities and needs.

  • When accessing services either during business hours or after hours, to expect not to have to repeat my story if it is already recorded on file.

3. I receive quality community care in line with UnitingCare lifeAssist’s Client Touch Points Standards.

  • People answering the phone know how to deal with any queries I may have about information I have received from lifeAssist.
  • I understand the person I am speaking to and they speak clearly and slowly.
  • A review of my plan is actioned if my circumstances change. I am referred to other services if my needs cannot be met by lifeAssist.
  • I receive advice free from conflicts of interest.

4. I am actively involved in decisions about my needs and goals.

  • I receive a clear explanation of what options are available to me.
  • I understand what services and supports will be provided and how things will work.
  • I know the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in providing me with a service.
  • I set my own goals and these are respected by everyone.
  • I am fully informed on how to get help when I need it.
  • If I choose I can coordinate my own care arrangements.
  • I know from which agency the carer/worker belongs and how to contact the agency if necessary.

5. I can choose any person to advocate on my behalf.

6. My grievances are heard and resolved without retribution.

  • I know who to contact confidentially if I am not comfortable with my worker(s) or they cannot provide me with the outcomes I need.

7. I am fully informed of all options relating to my care.

  • My worker is proactive and a good problem-solver.
  • All options to contact workers and lifeAssist are clear and accessible to me.
  • People who manage my enquiry have the required skills and knowledge and can direct me to a person who can help me.
  • I am provided with a timely response to my enquiry and in a manner of my choosing.
  • I am fully informed of my budget and any financial obligations that I may have.

8. My privacy and personal information is respected

  • My records are kept secure and case files and complaints are treated with absolute privacy
  • I am able to access written records about me in accordance with privacy legislation.

9. I participate in the development of quality service responses, activities and advocacy.



1. I contact lifeAssist if I have any concerns regarding the quality of any services I receive.

2. I contact lifeAssist about any changes in my health or circumstances.

3. I keep appointments or I give lifeAssist 24 hours’ notice if I need to reschedule services or if services are not needed.

4. I treat workers in a way that respects their dignity and privacy.

5. I take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment for people who provide services in my home.

6. I provide accurate and timely information to lifeAssist staff.

7. I am responsible for the outcomes of any decisions I make.