Is it time to ask for help?

At lifeAssist we understand that it can be difficult for many older people and their families to know when to start exploring in-home supports.  

All too often, it is not until a "trigger event" such as a fall, medical emergency or similar event makes looking after yourself difficult. This can lead to decisions being rushed and the choices made not necessarily being the best options available.

How do you know if it is time to start exploring if supports are needed?

lifeAssist has developed a simple tool to help you.

  • 25 simple questions, taking less than 10 minutes to complete.  
  • All questions are multiple choice, taking you through a typical day and how you manage.
  • An older person can complete the questionnaire for themself, or a friend or family member can provide answers about an older person.
  • At the end, you will receive a recommendation about whether or not you should start to think about in-home aged care supports.
  • If the recommendation is that supports are required, you can complete an enquiry and we can help you explore your options.
  • If the recommendation is that supports are not currently required, you can save the report, complete the questionnaire again in the future and compare results.

How much are in-home supports likely to cost?

Once you have completed the needs assessment questionnaire, you will have the option of using our simple Cost Comparison Calculator.  Simply:

1:  Enter some basic information about your income and the likely weekly hours of support services you think you may need, 

2:  The calculator will give you an indication of the likely contribution you would be asked to make to a government funded package, and

3:  The calculator will also provide an indication of what the supports would cost if you were to self-fund your own services.

All financial information you enter is private. It is not stored or recorded in any way.

How accurate are the results?

All results should be used as a GUIDE ONLY.

There are infinite variables which can affect the assessment of an individual's needs.  This tool is intended to be no more than a general guide.  Nothing can ever replace a one-on-one discussion with one of our highly trained staff to fully assess your own needs.

The cost comparison calculator uses averages, so likewise is intended only as a guide.

We hope that these tools will encourage older people and their families to start considering options before a trigger event or illness.

How secure is the information provided?

  • The needs assessment and cost comparison calculator are anonymous.
    At no point will you be asked for any details which can be used to identify you.
  • We do not record or store any information entered.
    As soon as you exit the tools, all information which you have entered is permanently deleted.  It cannot be retrieved or accessed by anyone.

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