Self-funded services | mylifeAssist

This is a flexible, affordable self-funded service which provides options for family members, carers and individuals.

mylifeAssist is ideal for:

  • those who don't qualify for government-funded support, or who dont want government funded support
  • those who are waiting for support packages
  • those who need to 'top-up' their support package with some additional services
  • families or carers who need some outside help
  • people who need support for their ageing parents or have busy families which are not able to provide the support they want
  • people who need some extra help to make living at home easier for themselves or someone they love

We are dedicated to planning individual solutions to suit individual circumstances. We work with our clients to create personalised plans and provide ongoing support.

mylifeAssist offers

Immediate services with no waiting period or eligibility requirements. Short-term or long-term services to create the best possible outcomes. We offer current and future planning services.

We can arrange services to support you. Support services include: personal care, meals, domestic assistance, gardening, nursing and allied health, hospital liaison, respite care, transport, pet support, overnight stay, 24 hour care and more.

Support services can be for as short as 30 minutes at a time or as long as required.

mylifeAssist plans

Basic Plan

If you have never had any support services, a mylifeAssist Basic Plan will help you explore what you need and the best options available to you, so you can make informed decisions.  Even if you do not yet need any services this is the ideal way to plan for any future or unforeseen needs.

  • We listen to your needs and what YOU want – What?  When?  Why?
  • We help you navigate the aged care system – what’s best for you?
  • Discover ALL your options – how to stay at home for longer
Comprehensive Plan

Where your needs are a little more involved a mylifeAssist Comprehensive Plan is recommended.  This starts with all the detail of a Basic Plan, but looks at your longer term goals and everything needed to move toward achieving these.  Our Consultants work with you every step of the way.
  • Goal setting – looking at where you want to be and how to get there
  • Goal planning – the details that will help you reach your goals
  • Monitoring your progress –  regular follow-up, changes to your plan as you move closer to your goal or if your goals change

Contact us

Enquire about self-funded services by email, or download the mylifeAssist brochure (pdf)